Seven More Days

7 More Days!!   The Honduras team week has been doing so great in their classes. They have been attending Drama, Phonics, Digging, Painting and Advanced Evangelism! They are starting to learn to work together as a team and they are so excited for the upcoming week and Commissioning!! Remember to tune in on the evening rallies as they are broadcasted live every night!!

Boot Camp is great! I’ve met new people and love my team. I miss you Quinlans!! -Kayla Q.  

Boot Camp is going well. We get up every morning at 5:30 and run the O.C (obstacle course). then we have breakfast and devotions then we have classes all day!! Boot Camp is very hard but there are some fun parts!! I miss my family!!  -Rachel D.  

Boot Camp is super fun!! Ive made tons of friends!! I have bought a lot of gatorade!! I’ve learned a lot about Jesus!! We are having a bunch of fun at rally!!  -Brady M. 

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