The Leaders Are Enjoying The Florida Team

Greetings from the Sunshine State!

Kenneth: hile he may be quite, he shows great manners and it has been a huge blessing with Makenzie (brother) here for when he is homesick. Sidney has become much more active in participation in classes and among the group. 

Ariana continues to do her best to be the sunshine of the group. 

Andrea and Brianna have been great in helping out their teammates. 

Jayden is full of energy and tries to be friends with everyone on our team as well as the other Preteen teams. 

Alayna has began to grow more in the Lord, She has become close with several of her teammates. 

 Juliana has been a great blessing—she has such a sweet spirit about her. 

Ldr Justin; One thing that has pleased me greatly is my wife and four kids get to come and be around the team at lunch, dinner and rally. The team has been so loving to them. It is a huge praise for me and the team.The team has been learning in different construction classes like how to make concrete, how to do block-laying and digging. They have also been learning dramas, which the kids have been enjoying. And in the the afternoons, we have team prayer and then music class and then an activity, which has been fun. Saturday night we had a movie night after the rally. We got to watch “I Can Only Imagine”. Most of the team stayed awake for the whole thing and they enjoyed it. On Sunday we had a sunrise service out by the lake; nice and cool! Afterward, there was the graduation service for the students who attend the Bible school. We also got a nap in and then got to watch them make the alligator pizza and Chocolate milkshake.

We are looking forward to this last week of training. We are enjoying leading this great group of Preteens. 

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