Four More Days!

Four more days! The last OC run was this morning and it is the last full day of training. We are looking toward to Missions Conference tomorrow and seeing what the Lord will teach us through the mission boards and college reps. Many are seeking what the Lord wants them to do after high school, so this is a good way to see some opportunities. The rallies have been a highlight with the worship and speakers. 

Pray for the next few days as Thursday is Missions Conference, Friday we take down the OC, some Big Tops and begin packing our personal and team items for the field. Saturday will also be pack up time and taking down our team tents. It’s supposed to be a little cooler here the next few days (low 90s!), so pray for dry weather so that things can be put away. We can’t pack up wet things! Every one has done well with the heat and are staying hydrated. Thanks for all your prayers.

Boot Camp is going great! Perhaps. God is already working through the team and I’m rally excited for the field. Ethan D.

My name is Dylan. If you are looking for a starting place to start missionary work, TMI is just right for you. Training might be hot and rainy, but who cares; you’re doing it all for the Lord Jesus Christ!

So Boot Camp is a lot harder than I thought it would be but God has helped us all giving us strength and helping us through hard (ish) times. God blessed us with a good team and we have good teamwork. We also have really good team leaders. Lane C.

Hi guys, love you all! I’m having a pretty great time. Aric R

Boot Camp is going amazing! I have learned so much while being here. I can definitely feel myself growing in Jesus. Dealing with the heat and mosquitos, I understand how blessed I am for my family.  Jaedyn T.

Hello! I am alive and well at Boot Camp. I have made lots of new friends and it’s really hot here. Today is the last day of the obstacle course and that’s about it! Anika S.

Hi to everyone on the other side! I’m great. How’s the AC? Good probably, actually probably great. Enjoy it for me. I miss all my friends and family and can’t wait to see y’all again. Hannah W.

Hello! Boot Camp’s been going well. Today was the last day of the Obstacle Course, which is nice. We are preparing to leave for Thailand. I just ask for prayer as we continue to prepare and as we travel. Thanks so much!! Bizzie B.

Boot Camp is almost over, which is great. I miss having the nice weather in Wisconsin though. August E.

Hey guys! You should come down to Florida for Commissioning! I miss you a lot. Boot Camp is going great. I can’t wait till I get to Thailand. Only five more days! Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Love you all. Lauren H.

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