Four More Days

Hello from Boot Camp! Wow! Can you all believe our team has only four more days of Boot Camp? Our team is super excited that the end is near! This morning we ran the Obstacle Course for the last time. Most of our kids were very happy about this, but a few said they’ll miss running it. Today is our last official day of training. The team has phonics, music, and puppets today to finish them out. Tomorrow is our Missions’ Conference! We have several different missionaries and organizations coming to share with the whole Boot Camp, and also do different workshops. We all are looking forward to this conference and learning about different missions we can be involved in. Friday morning we will do take down of Boot Camp (the Obstacle Course, Big Tops, and more). Friday afternoon into Saturday evening we will work on packing out and taking down our tent sites. These last few days will be busy and a bit hectic, but it’s all worth it in the end—because on Sunday we will be on our way to Ecuador. The team has done well during their training! They all continue to unify as a team. Monday we switched their tent partners; that way they could get to know others better. This has been an interesting experience, but they all seem to be getting along with their new partners! The weather has been very hot the last few days. We thank you all for your prayers and support of our team! We can’t wait to be in Ecuador! 

“Being at Boot Camp has been an amazing experience for me. Every day here has brought me closer to God and has taught me team work.” Ben S.

“Boot Camp is a great learning experience. You don’t just make friends but a family.” Jaron C.

“Boot Camp is amazing. I have an amazing team and we all work together. I have learned so much about construction and God. I hope to grow more.” Rachel K.

“Boot Camp has trained us spiritually, physically, emotionally, and in every way possible. I’m very blessed to be on a team that is willing to serve the Lord with all of their hearts.” Katlyn W.

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