God Bless From The Honduras PT Team

Hello everyone! Today the Honduras Preteen team had a blast. They had a balloon class and also another puppets class. The team learned many cute songs about Jesus that they can perform for the children. It was so fun and exciting to see them dancing. Our team is becoming more unified as our departure day becomes closer.

From Nikki C:” I’m having a great time here. The food here is 9/10—you’d enjoy it. You can make friends that love Jesus. You can help them accept Jesus into their hearts. If you ever come to Boot Camp, watch out for the Obstacle Course—you can get dirty! It’s pretty hot out here. Hey, maybe I’ll see you in Boot Camp sometime. Come here! It’s fun.

From Jonathan S:” One of the things I like about Boot Camp: I really liked Jacob’s Ladder.  Jacob’s Ladder was fun to climb. At first I was really scared to climb, but I eventually became less scared and now I am never scared.”
God bless from the Honduras Preteen team!

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