Looking Forward To Fiji

Greetings from Fiji Team!

We have only a few more days to go until pack out, and all 27 of us (including leaders and our team mascot, also known as 4 year old Addie) will be flying out to Fiji!
The kids are excited and ready to get out of this Florida heat. They are tired, sweaty and bug bitten; however, still persevering and demonstration great persistence in midst of the intensity of boot camp. They have been learning many useful skills for the field from block-laying, concrete, painting, digging, puppets, balloons, dramas and music!

And boy can they SING!!!

We have music classes most days, and it’s been such a blessing to worship with them and learn songs to share in Fiji at churches and schools. Three of the team members brought instruments and are really talented. Lois brought her violin, Emma her Ukulele and Leah her guitar and even during their free time many of the team members beg to sing and play together. They sound so good!

It has definitely been an up and down journey for many of them, but yesterday morning leaders got to run the Obstacle Course with the teams and it was such a joy to run alongside, encourage them and experience what they feel every morning. We had many victories: new people got over the Wall, no one fell into the Slough, and we did the books of the Bible faster than ever… however, more importantly we worked as a team and cheered each one on!

As leaders we pray for your kids each day. Some kids are submissive, quiet, on time, willing and helpful… while others challenge, resist, talk, and forget things… however, each of them is a blessing and God is doing a deeper work whether we can see it or not. They continue to surprise us as they share their hearts, experiences and hardships. We hunger to see them make strides and be transformed by Jesus each day as they seek Him in good times and hard times, as they’re challenged in their attitudes and their actions. 

We look forward to going oversees together as it is not only a different pace, but they get to pour out to those around them together, whether through the projects they work on at the Sabeto camp or the schools that we go into or the church services we share at. 

This weekend we will be packing everything up, helping take down the Big Tops as well as taking down the tents at the campsite. It will be a lot of work and a lot of directions that they need to follow clearly. Pray clarity over them. 

Also pray for unity, pray for freedom and pray for joy for us in these last few days here. Pray for our travels as we will be staying the night in the Orlando airport, flying out the next late morning, have a long layover in LAX followed by a a long flight to Fiji. Pray grace and that the kids get rest in between.

We love our team! These kids are awesome!

Here are a few words from some of the members on the team:
“It is hard here! The teamwork, love and friendship are mighty here. It is challenging but fun!” – Maggie F.
“My experience at Boot Camp has been great—10 out of 10 every day! I was expecting much worse coming into this!” – Garrison N.
“Boot Camp is going great. God has been talking to me and I’m changing. I really love my team. 10 out of 10. Going great!” – Braxton
“Hi! Boot Camp has been so fun! It’s not as hot and humid as it was before. I really love the rallies and singing. You make so many new friends. It’s awesome!”

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