Our Last Day Of Training

Today is the last day of training! We have learned how to use puppets, make and mix concrete, perform dramas, tie steel, sing together as a team, paint, create things with balloons, lay blocks in a straight line, use shovels properly for digging, and cut wood. We really have a great team…they are top drawer!! They are eager to learn and have adapted to the hard nature of Boot Camp with happy hearts. My heart is so full as I write this because I feel so blessed to be able to spend my summer with them. We have come together quickly and already share a deep bond as a team.     

Every night I sit in rally wondering if this will be our team’s night to finally win something. We have placed second or third a few times, but never first. Although we have yet to place first, we have not placed last either. We are not the cleanest team but we aren’t the dirtiest either… I will consider this fact a WIN!!!   

I want to mention to you that you can email your kiddos at Boot Camp. We check emails every day, and know that they love receiving them and that they want to hear from you!! To write them, the address is their team number followed by the first letter of their first name and then their full last name @lordsbootcamp.org. So if your child’s name was John Smith it would look like this: [email protected]. Our teammates are starting to ask a bunch questions about our upcoming travel plans, so I know that they are eager to go! They can see the light at the end of the Boot Camp tunnel.:)

“Boot Camp is really pushing me far past my limits and it is very stressful to me. I am not physically fit, I don’t like sleeping in tents, I am not fast paced, and I don’t like the humidity. BUT, I have come to realize that in order to grow, you need to be pulled out of your comfort zone and you need to learn to endure the hard things and keep your eyes upon Jesus through the trials to give you peace and stability. One example of Jesus giving me peace is that I get bad panic attacks in my tent before bed. The first night, I didn’t even sleep because of that. But I learned the third night that praying as I fall asleep calms me down so much, and it’s such a relief. Tears aren’t a sign of weakness or letting Satan win. Giving up is letting him win. God brought me here for a reason. I raised my funds on prayer alone. It has been on my heart to go to Israel as a missionary for a very long time now, so I know for a fact that God will protect me and guide me to serve His purpose for me here. Also, it encourages me knowing that my whole church is praying for me. That gives me so much peace.” Maggie K.
“Boot Camp is rough the first few days, but after that, you get into the schedule and it’s pretty easy. I have learned a lot of things.One thing God has put on my heart is to serve others and share God’s Word with them. James 1:22” Theo S.
“When I first arrived at Boot Camp, it was hot and tiring. I really didn’t want to be here and couldn’t wait to leave. I was counting down the days until I could go to the Holy Land. But now I am enjoying Boot Camp better.” Albert A.
“Some days it’s hard with the heat, the OC, and homesickness. But I remember Christ Jesus is with me.  Also I have a great team. They help support me when I’m feeling low.” Jordan B.
“So far Boot Camp has been very good. It hasn’t been too hot and there are not very many mosquitoes. Everyone here is excited! I can’t wait to get to the field.” Ben N.
“Boot Camp has been fun so far. My team is really nice and this year the weather is tolerable. And, as always, the food is great.” Selah E.
“The first day I didn’t want to be here but now I am having fun. It is cooler than people said. I can’t wait to come home.” Matthew B.
“My mom and my dad had no idea how I should spend my summer because this was the first summer I wasn’t doing anything. We got the last spot on this team. At that moment what was going through my head was that this isn’t for me. Why are they punishing me? I’ve been doing great lately. Then something happened and it was a sign from God that this was my calling. (My parents know what I am talking about.) So I began to fill with excitement but something was still wrong with me. I was filled with so much worry about missing out and that my friends would leave me, all things that didn’t matter. When I got to Boot Camp, everyone was so kind. The heat took some getting used to. I was still feeling that worry in my heart. The first few days I was so focused on those things that they were holding me back. I felt my heart and mind wasn’t on Jesus like it needed to be. During the second rally, they asked at the end of the service if anyone would like to come to the altar if they have weight on their shoulders. I did, so I built up the courage to go to the altar. I prayed and others prayed for me too. Something clicked after that. I’ve had worry but I’ve felt so much closer to God each day. I have pure joy, pure happiness to do everything in His name. I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to do such a great thing. I am having the best time. It’s amazing and I’m doing amazing. Thank you to the best parents ever for sending me to Teen Missions. I love y’all!” Mary Jane M.
“So Boot Camp has been fun as always. It’s nice having a taller team for the OC. The speakers have been amazing.  Can’t wait for the field!” Spicer W.


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