Ready To Go

Training at the Lord’s Boot Camp is almost OVER, and team members and leaders alike are beginning to get very excited! Wednesday marked the last day of official classes. Thursday is a Missions Conference to expose the team members to missions opportunities outside of Teen Missions summer teams. Friday’s schedule will have time for taking down and putting away all of the Boot Camp equipment and begin the packing process. Saturday we will finish packing out, have our Commissioning Service and take a bus to the Orlando airport to begin our journey to Kenya bright and early Sunday morning!
Team Kenya is doing well overall. Everyone seemed a little sluggish on Monday and Tuesday after having been at Boot Camp for over a week. However, as Wednesday began and the end begins to draw near, spirits and energy levels have been on the rise.  Liam B. has a fractured hand after an incident in carpentry class on Monday so please pray for quick and pain-free healing for that injury. But we are praising the Lord that he was able to see a specialist and will be able to go to Kenya with only a small brace on his hand. The rest of the team is in good health and has enjoyed their last round of K.P. on Wednesday. They are already talking about and looking forward to seeing their friends and family on Commissioning Cay and the goodies that will be coming with them.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! This team has been a joy to work with here at Boot Camp, and we are excited to see what the Lord will do in and through them as we head to Kenya in a few short days!
Here are a few thoughts from some of the team:
Hi Mom.I AM ALIVE.Bye.- Simon O.
Boot Camp is great, I’ve learned a lot. I love all my lectures and classes and have had so much fun with my team. I can’t wait to go to Kenya!- Anne H.
Boot Camp has been an amazing experience. I have been learning so much and growing closer to God and my team. The classes are very fun and teach us great important things we will need on the field. P.S. The Special Blessings are super fun :)- Kasey C.
I can’t believe we’re getting so close to Commissioning Night. Boot Camp has gone by so fast and I feel so close to this team. I’m super excited for the field and this is going to be an absolutely amazing summer.
– Isabelle D.

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