The Uganda Team Is Ready To Serve

Today is our last full day of classes and running the Obstacle Course. The team set their record and got eight people over the Wall, which is the last obstacle they get to before completing the course each morning! Two nights ago we won “Mr. Clean” and last night we got to sit in the training kitchen with fans and ice cream! I can’t believe we are only a few more days away from Commissioning night. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to have ministries from all over the U.S. come and talk to us about different opportunities to get involved in long-term missions all around the world. It is an all day event and then we have the joy of serving Boot Camp and cleaning bathrooms. Friday we will have the opportunity to take down Boot Camp and begin the process of getting ready for Commissioning night. We will then be able to enjoy the pool! Our team has been working relentlessly on team unity, communication and choosing to walk in joy. Please continue to pray for the last few visas that we need before we fly out and also that the Lord would continue to strengthen us! (All visas are in!).

“Boot Camp has been a really encouraging experience. Rally has encouraged me to become bold and expressive with my faith. My favorite part has been the Bible classes and the sermons. I’m really excited to go and serve the people of Uganda.”  – Leah T.

“Boot Camp has been so fun! I love my evangelism classes and drama classes. The Holy Spirit has touched me so much at rally each night. I am very excited to go to Uganda and to help others on their journey with Jesus Christ. Lots of love and prayers here at TMI.”  – Brooke Z.

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