They Already Miss The Motorcycles

Boot Camp is starting to wind down. Today is the last day of official training and the kids are getting excited to get to Cambodia. Yesterday was our last training day on the motorcycles. The kids were a little sad knowing that they wouldn’t get to ride again until we are in country. They really liked our instructor for that class and all of them said they will miss seeing him around every day. Yesterday was also leader day on the Obstacle Course. Our team has been running with Malawi to make it easier and safer to go over the Wall. We were able to put both of our assistant male leaders on the wall, pulling team members over and were able to get 23 people over between the two teams! This means that we got all but five people over that were running. Our teams were really excited at rally when we found out that we won the Obstacle Course. Also, during rally last night we got excited about winning the Cleanliness Award again! The team was glad to be back up in the top three again because we hadn’t gotten up the last two days.  So the team is looking forward to getting ice cream with dinner again tonight. We finished up Drama Class yesterday as well. They are doing amazing in the two dramas that they have learned, especially at expressing themselves and getting into the character that they were assigned too. Only four more days of Boot Camp and then we have Commissioning and get on our plane to go overseas!
Our motorcycle instructor is the most lovely man I have ever met. Joe, he is hilarious and is willing to jump in front of our motorcycles to help train us for emergency stops. Our whole team appreciates him more than he knows. We are so glad Teen Missions has amazing volunteers like Joe.-Noah F.
Teen Missions is an amazing place, with wonderful people that truly love you. I am extremely blessed to have such a great team and awesome leaders. I am going to tell everyone back home and encourage them to come have the best summer of their lives.-Spencer M.

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