The Canada Team Has Started Packing

The Canada team has been busy! Every day seems to be jammed packed with helping out around Boot Camp. We as leaders are so pleased with your kids eagerness to serve and willingness to do so without complaining. Yesterday we had our Missions Conference, which was coordinated by our head leaders, so the whole team helped exhibitors set up, greeted them and helped them navigate Boot Camp. It was so neat to see all then teens interacting with our exhibitors, asking questions and talking with them about mission opportunities after then summer. A highlight of the conference was our main speaker, Danny Foster, he flew all the way down from Vancouver BC. He is the president of the Canadian Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) and the team enjoyed spending time with him and learning about Canada.

Today the team is helping tear down Boot Camp and starting to think about packing. Although we don’t leave until Monday morning, even now the team is beginning to sort through their stuff and pack for the field. Everyone is excited to get to Canada and enjoy some cooler temps.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers.  Our prayer is that we finish well.

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