The Missing Reports

Apparently the report that was done several days ago is lost in internet space! Zambia Preteens are doing well. We had our tent site down in record time (for preteens) and would have had more of it put away, but a rainstorm slowed us down. We have just a few more things to move and then we can begin to get cleaned up for Commissioning! The team did well with their classes and are excited that Boot Camp is over and that we are going to begin our long trip to Zambia soon. With lots of travel in front of us, we appreciate your prayers. 

If you haven’t already written a letter to your child, please do so now. It takes around two weeks for mail to arrive so it is important that you write now. Letters can also be sent to Florida and they will get them when we return for Debrief. Your kids love to hear from home.

Thank you for lending us your children this summer for our mission trip to Zambia. They are going to do great things for God!

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