A Report From The Hotel Team

After at least a dozen airline reps and others working on our rebooking, we finally made it out of Orlando. All our obstacle course training was put to good use as they finally got us ticketed to Philadelphia and on to Paris. We barely had enough time to get to the gate as they fast tracked us through TSA and we ran from there, where we found the flight delayed a bit. It was great to finally get off the ground!  Unfortunately, that delay also made us miss our Paris connection. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to “suffer for God” in yet another comfy hotel. Now they’re all praying we’ll miss the flight out of Paris so we can stay there too!  We are rebooked for tomorrow night, but it’s a quick connection to Nairobi,  so we’ll see which way the roller coaster twists and turns!  The Dallas group also missed their flight and are in a hotel being rebooked for today.

Everyone is starting to get used to the uncertainty and just sit back and enjoy the ride. We know God has a plan and we’re just watching it unfold in front of us. After being constantly on the go at Boot Camp, it’s nice to just lay around. The team is working on memory verses and spending time getting to know each other better. 
We will get to Madagascar eventually!!!

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