Honduras Motorboat Team Has Arrived

Praise the Lord! All the Honduras team luggage, team members, and leaders all arrived safely in Honduras! After a night of not much sleep in the airport, we were able to get to all of our flights on time. Eating some meals at the airport helped to lift some spirits! On our bus ride to the base, we were all hot and tired, but arriving at the base and finding that the evening meal was waiting for us was a big encouragement! We unpacked the team food and evangelistic items and then took personal items to the dorm rooms. We had a very short time of announcements, singing and prayer and then headed off for an early bedtime of 8:30 (of course that was 10:30 in the time zone we have been in the past two weeks.) The weather is hot and humid—just like Florida!


  1. So good to see your faces in Honduras! Praise God! I’m praying for all of you! Had a hard time finding you Rachel amongst your team but was happy to see your smiling face! God bless and keep you!

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