Is Madagascar Really On Their Way????

The Madagascar team is ready to board our Flight to Paris! It’s great to finally leave the country. We had more booking issues today but everything looks ironed out now. We got another round of food vouchers for a good meal before our flight. We will have to stay in Paris 24 hours-wohoo!  Everyone is stoked about that. We are especially excited to meet back up with our head male leader and two team members who are are arriving in Paris via Dallas, while the rest of us flew through Philly. They should arrive about an hour before us. At this point, Boot Camp seems so long ago. We are learning to just take one step at a time. 

We love you Mom & Dad! – From Everyone 

Theses past couple of days have been an opportunity to learn so much about trusting in the Lord. We’ve really been tested and much prayer has been happening! One specific time we were praying for our flights to get worked out and the next minute we were running in the airport to catch our first flight! “LITERALLY!!!” God is so good, He has been so faithful to us! Through all these trials he has brought us so so much Joy! : ) I can’t wait to see what He’s going to do in our life this summer!!! – Miranda .S.


  1. Praying for all of you and look forward to seeing your updates throughout the summer. We love you and miss seeing you on the serving line and during rallies. We hope to feed you and play for you all again next year!
    Joyce and Bear
    Kitchen/Worship team

  2. So glad to hear you will all reunite in Paris! Through it all God is in control! So excited for all of you and anxious to hear how God is moving in the land of Madagascar! Praying for you all! Love you son! ❤️ (Don’t want to embarrass you by singling you out – but you know who you are!). In all things be thankful! you have a Savior who loves you all so very much!

  3. Awesome that you all have kept your eyes on the Lord and pushed through!! What God brings you to He will bring you through!!! Now 4 the Harvest! You go Madagascar team! Oh and hope you all got to enjoy some of Paris!❤❤ My gr.daughter Emilie is on the Cambodia Team.

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