The Fiji Team Is Settling In

We’ve arrived finally! After 32 hours of travelling, we got into Fiji on their Tuesday morning. After sleeping in Orlando airport, flying out to LAX with a 10 hour layover, and then 11 hours on the flight to FIJI we got in around 5:15 am. Many slept on the plane at least half the flight. Overall they did amazing adjusting as we were all overly tired and jetlagged! 

We were welcomed by (Salochna) Mrs. S and when we arrived at the Sabeto camp where we are working and staying; they had made us a beautiful full Fijian breakfast. It was fresh papao (papaya), deep fried puffed breads, fresh bananas, and sausages and of course hot tea! 

The team then unloaded all their bags and settled in. They helped set up the kitchen and prepped lunch. They were able to start helping right away as the base got in shipments of cement blocks, fencing supplies and construction materials for their building projects they were able to unload and organize.

In afternoon they were able to do laundry and shower, also run around on the beautiful property that is surrounded by lush mountains and tropical vegetation. It’s like a taste of heaven here. The weather is much cooler than in Florida, and no humidity, and pretty cold at night. They also have a large wooden swing and rope swing they are able to play on and get excited every chance they get to play. 

In the evening we were invited to have a dinner they made for us accompanied by the camp committee. They honored us at their dining area and welcomed us all personally as we ate with them. We got to see them throughout the day as they make whole chickens in a fire pit underground and served us fresh fruits, vegetables and curry! We felt so loved and welcomed! 

We are a bit on island time as some of the building  projects haven’t fully began as we are still waiting on tools and supplies, but using the time to work on our presentations for churches and schools. We hopefully will get a few thing started later this evening. 

Although some of the kids are still really tired and jetlagged, we are starting to get more of a rhythm and schedule. One of the committee members of the camp named Esae (Easay) is a pastor at one of the local churches invited us to come and sing, so we are looking forward to that opportunity. 


  1. Hello Fiji!
    That is fantastic news! Yes, you ARE loved! We just want you all to know that we are praying for you all, and are happy to hear your detailed report! We will be praying for you throughout the summer to keep the “unity in the bond of peace” and accomplish all that the Lord has for you there! We miss seeing your great team come through the serving line and during the evening rallies!
    Joyce and Bear
    Kitchen/Worship team

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