The Uganda Team Is Getting Ready To Go To Koboko

The team is settling in nicely. We arrived late Monday night to Jinja and Tuesday we took the day to rest, get organized and get all of our supplies from the market that we would need for the next few weeks. We have been staying on the beautiful TMI campus here and loving it! The team has been working on the grounds pulling weeds, cleaning flower beds, using the sickle to cut grass, and moving bricks while we wait for our last few bags to arrive. A few kids are sleeping without mats and sleeping bags so we are serving the base until we can get our hands on our duffels. It has been sunny during the day and in the evening it gets cloudy. Night time temperatures have been in the 70’s which is warmer then all of us were expecting! 

They burn their trash here so we are all adjusting to the new sights and smells. The base has goats, cows, chickens and dogs that roam the property freely and sometimes we are awoken in the middle of the night to a dog fight. We usually giggle and fall back asleep. 

Today will be our last day in Jinja until we return at the end of our trip. Tomorrow we have a ten-hour bus ride to Koboko, the first of two places that we will be holding foot-washing clinics. We expect to hand out around 1,000 pairs of shoes. I have included some pictures below of our time here in Uganda so far!


  1. Prayers going up many times throughout the day for the team members as well as for those who will be receiving the great blessings that the team will share as they offer themselves as the hands & feet of Jesus!!

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