Greetings From Zambia!

Greetings from Zambia!

The TMI Zambia staff & students have been wonderful hosts to our team. We had some pizza on our arrival day and Mrs. Petersen baked a chocolate cake! We are currently staying in the dorms at the TMI base as we rest and repack for our long trip into the bush. The team has done laundry after many things from Boot Camp were still wet when we packed. Today the team was able to go in and buy some personal items and some travel snacks. We also practiced our songs, puppets and dramas for evangelism. We are looking forward to the long journey ahead and to the final arrival at our first project location. Everybody is looking a lot more rested after getting some sleep.

Our photos include the wonderful meal the parents provided in Washington DC, a shot while we traveled on Ethiopian Airlines and practicing choreography with the puppet music at the Zambia base.

All team members are healthy. The weather has been warm during the day and cool in the evening and dry.

Greetings! Thaddeus here from Zambia Well Erilling team! It has been an incredible eye-opening experience so far! I’ve been very much enjoying getting to know my team better and seeing people stare at team devos. God is definitely working in many hearts! We are preparing to head to the field soon. We are ready for whatever God has in store!

Hello this is Joshua from the Zambia team. So far we have been practicing our music and dramas and playing with the kids. We are all excited about going to the project site and seeing God work there.

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  1. Praying for you to our great God

    Lord Father ALMIGHTY KING OF Kings and LORD of Lords and Saviour and LORD of this team and its members
    Lord and give them Your favour please to be accepted by all they will encounter while on this mission trip. Let them see Your glory by Your presence and Your direct effect on their hearts minds souls and their wills. PLEASE go before them to prepare a path for them to walk through, give them understanding of You that will grow them into a deeper relationship with You I pray all this in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ AMEN

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