Hello From The Zambia PT Trip

Hello from Zambia. We are settling in and enjoying the beautiful weather. The kids are excited about sleeping in the dorms. Today we spent the morning washing our travel clothes and dirty laundry from Boot Camp. The team is also having fun getting to know the staff kids. Our trip here went very smoothly. We left Saturday night from Boot Camp, spent the night in Orlando airport. Sunday afternoon, we flew to Washington DC and had the blessing of staying in a hotel. Some of the parents of the Zambia teen team were waiting at the hotel with pizza, sides and candy as a treat for the teams. Thank you parents for this special treat. Monday we had a 13-hour flight from DC to Ethiopia. Then a four-hour flight from Ethiopia to Zambia. The kids did great and all of our luggage made it. PTL.I asked the kids what did they think of the trip to Zambia, here are their responses: Becka D. – Packing out was like rough because of all the rain. The flight was interesting. I liked visiting with people on the plane. One lady had heard of TMI, but asked for more information. 
Abbie W. – The rain made pack out hard. I loved the plane ride and the puzzle game I got to play. 
Ellie D. – I didn’t like pack out because of the rain. I’m very happy about sleeping in the dorms. I love playing with the staff kids. 
Jaykob N. – I thought sleeping at the airport was fun. The airplane flight was very good. I enjoyed seeing the scenery. 
Tamzin W. – Pack out day was crazy because of the rain. I thought it was hard to sleep on the plane, but it was a great trip. 
Cissy W. – I slept a lot on the plane so I can’t say if I thought it was good or bad
Elijah E. – The trip to Zambia was fun. I love all the team time we had on the plane and I got to sleep a lot. I’m glad we are in Zambia and can start work on the project.
Mayah E. – I like spending time with the team on the plane. It was hard to sleep at first on the plane, but I figured it out.
Sadie – I had a great time on the plane. I sat next to a lady and her son. The little boy reminded me of my brother a nd I enjoyed playing with him. 
That is all. Keep praying,


  1. I am so glad to hear that everyone made it safely and I loved reading the comments about the flight and packing out. That was very kind, and gave me an idea of what it has been like for everyone so far. Thank you!

  2. Dear Father Almighty God I stand in the gap for this team and pray ASKING for Your strength to fill their bodies minds hearts and wills and to work as a team and to read this BIBLE and that You would cause them to think about You Jesus our Lord and Saviour who came to earth and lived among the twisted generation , please cause the members of this team to walk closely with You by Your Spirit surrendering to Your rule Your ways and seeking Your wisdom each moment . In Christ’s name I have confidence that You have heard this sincere prayer offered in faith covered by the blood of Your Son Jesus Christ.

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