The Ecuador Team Is Settling In

Hello from the Ecuador team! We are excited to be sending this report to you guys. Our team is doing well and trying their best to settle into the way of like here. The team really enjoyed the bus travel through Ecuador. We traveled from Quito to Manta through the tall and winding Andes mountains. We arrived to Manta at 10:30 pm Monday evening. It was unbelievably beautiful! They saw many different sights. Banana plants, coffee plants, waterfalls, and more.  Once we arrived, we unpacked all the food and team supplies into one house. We are staying in two separate houses. One house holds the boys, the kitchen, and some leaders. The second house is the girls house with another leader. Yesterday, Tuesday, was our first full day here. Mr. Tanner went with a local pastor and a translator to see the two different worksites and to talk with them about the needs of both sites. After that Mr. Tanner, Pastor Jose, our translator Sydney, and Ms. Emily went to a local grocery store to buy food, basic staples, and different supplies. After returning back to the houses, we unloaded the supplies and continue getting more settled in and established. Yesterday, the kids did their library reading and music practice. They also had the opportunity to go on a walk and visit a local tienda (shop). They bought some fun snacks and soda pop. Last night we had group devotions which Mr. Tanner shared. He shared his personal testimony and it moved many of our kids. After showering and cleaning up, we headed off to bed. This morning (Wednesday) we woke up at 6 am. From 6:30 to 7 the kids did their James Bible study with Mr. Tanner and Justin. After that we had breakfast and personal devotions. At 8:30 the team (except for 2 KPs) headed off to the worksite with Mr. Tanner and Justin. They have to walk a little ways to a bus station and then they catch a local bus to take them to a church which is about 15 to 20 minutes away. Today at the church they are planning on doing some painting jobs. The weather here has been pretty mild. The area we are staying in stays pretty cloudy. In the evenings it gets chilly and windy which is really nice. We’ve really been enjoying it. 

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  1. Ecuador and its people are beautiful and welcoming. I was in Quito and manta and portoviejolast spring, Returing with ISP mid August.i pray that your witness will reflect Christ and His love. Rick

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