The Fiji Team Is “Roughing” It

Getting into the swing of things! We are now on a schedule. Kids started work projects this morning, clearing some brush and have a full day ahead of them. We’ve done two days of kitchen helpers and so far each person has been such a joy to have in the kitchen as well as they are enjoying helping. They come up with some good ideas for food, and it’s fun to see them get excited about what to make. Yesterday, Mrs. S was able to go to the market and get us fresh fruit and vegetables, which is such a treat and so tasty! We got mini pineapples, potatoes, papayas, chinese cabbage and carrots and it goes a long way in our meals! 

The weather is just perfect. Somewhat cloudy and cooler. Nice being able to put on sweatshirts in the morning and evenings. The kids are appreciative to sleep on actual beds in dorms verses tents and pads. And the landscape here is just breath taking. Every morning we all get to wake up to the most gorgeous mountains and green trees anyone has ever seen. It is also amazing to be doing devos in the morning and to look up and see God’s beautiful creation. The view is so beautiful that some would say that we were on the set of a movie because the mountains look like a backdrop in Hollywood.  

We are very grateful for everyone being healthy. A few kids have some mild colds or sinus stuff, but most likely stress on their bodies from traveling, jetlag, and lack of sleep. Lights out last night was 8:30, so the kids could catch up on their sleep and be rejuvenated for the morning. The fresh Fiji air is definitely a big help. 

The saying “Island time” is definitely a real thing. Everything is a bit on the relaxed side, and things take longer to get or get done, but it’s teaching us patience and how to trust God in the midst of things not going according to our plans or ways. Forgot to mention all our cheese including our 3 blocks of cheese, powdered cheese for mac n cheese, alfredo sauce, our powdered eggs and all our pork (bacon and canned pork) got confiscated by security in Fiji. Each team member was dragged into a separate room, had to open all their bags and take out all their items. It took a very long time and after long flight and hours of traveling, everyone was extremely cooperative and patient. Although it was a hard hit, as those are essentials and really expensive here, if Jesus can use two fish and five loaves of bread to feed what they estimate to be 15,000 people, how easy it is for God to provide for 27 of us… and so far He has been very faithful! 

Please pray for the team in unity, and for us leaders as we are trying to take care of our responsibilities as well as be with the team and direct them. We definitely see some areas where the enemy is being divisive in the team, however, we know God is working in the heart and through lots of prayer we are contending for breakthrough in each of their lives as they grow and are being stretched, learning how to operate in godly character verses their flesh. We are grateful for this team and we know God has a purpose and plan, and huge heart for each of them, and we pray we love them like our good Heavenly Father loves! 


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