The Honduras PT Team Is Adjusting

Hola, from sunny, mountainous, so far pretty dry Santa Cruz de Yajoa! We feel settled in now as we get onto a regular routine of work and devos, Bible studies and library reading. After purchasing our work materials and some food in town yesterday, the team had their first official work day today. The work is challenging as every road here goes either up or down, including the driveway we are pouring, and the water for the concrete is retrieved from a nearby (but not right nearby) river. The team is confident they can get a lot done, however.  The first two days here, before we could work, were spent doing some laundry – a great upgrade from Boot Camp, we have laundry-washing stations here and bathing in running, though cold, water. The base here collects rainwater and pumps water out of a well, both of which we use for bathing, laundry and filter for drinking. Since it is expensive to pump the well water (and because it’s cold 


), bathing is; turn on the shower, get wet, turn it off, soap, turn on shower to rinse and then get out quickly. It is refreshing in the afternoon! We’re looking forward to a fourth of July celebration tomorrow, which will include a water balloon extravaganza. Tonight we’re planning to have the BMW students here help us to make a Honduran meal. So far, no one has any complaints about the food, and the pineapple is particularly delicious! In our dining room there is a hammock hung, which Joshua, Nala, Rachel, Jonathan and Abi have availed themselves of joyfully. We thank you all for your prayers and look forward to everything God has planned for us.                        

Zipporah (leader’s kid): Honduras is not as hot as Florida. Things also cost a lot less compared to the USA. But there is a lot of poverty.
Christopher S.: It’s been different seeing how another culture lives, realizing how much this country has so much less than we do. When we go into the city we’ll probably see even more, and probably threw away less food at home. It’s been a little difficult to adapt to things like hand washing laundry, but the experience is worthwhile and probably going to last a long time.
Nala: There are a lot of flies here, but the scenery of the mountains is beautiful. For the first day of work I got the water a lot, it was fun to catch the water but not fun to carry the water. 


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