The Kenya Team Is Loving The Orphans

Jambo from the Kenya team! After a few long days of hectic traveling, we have finally arrived!!! As a team, we read a Psalm of praise and thanked God for His provision and care for us as we traveled. We are very blessed to have ALL our bags and a beautiful place to stay.

Our tents are pitched in the front yard of Bishop Wilson’s home. He lives on a luscious green farm where cows, goats, chickens, dogs, and cats roam freely. Though the climate is a bit chilly, the team is SO thankful to no longer be at Boot Camp. 

Our first work project consisted of hoeing the garden and preparing seed beds. We’ve only had one work day so far, but we are already seeing progress!

When they aren’t working, the team has been playing with the children that live on Bishop Wilson’s farm. There are about 20 national children, ranging in all ages, that play games and sing with our kids. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed a loud round of the song, “Yesu Ni Wangu,” lead by Isabelle D.

Sipping tea, having devotions, playing with kids, eating good food, and serving the Lord is making our hearts happy and full! We are expecting great things for the rest of our time here in Kenya.


  1. It was good to read the update on your team. Glad that things are going well and that you have a nice place to stay. We will continue to pray for you all!

  2. We are praying for you this morning Kenya! We look forward to hearing how your work progresses as you show the love of Jesus on Bishop Wilson’s farm! We love you!
    Bear and Joyce
    Kitchen/Worship team

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