Adventures In Malawi

We have made it to Malawi! Since Commissioning, the team spent two busy days packing up Boot Camp and gathering equipment to take overseas. This included taking down the Big Tops, serving in the kitchen and squishing up all our gear and supplies for the Malawi base into 42 duffel bags! On the second of July, we embarked on our flights to Malawi. The Lord blessed us with opportunities during our travels to have meaningful conversations with people around us. Pray that those planted seeds may flourish. The team made it safely and with good health to Lilongwe Airport, where we collected half of our bags there and the other half the day after. Upon arrival at the Teen Missions base in Malawi, the team spent their time organizing food and equipment for life in the next few weeks. They have had the opportunity to explore the Chipoka property and become familiar with the ministry of Teen Missions Malawi. The team also served by cleaning the area and picking up rubbish. In their spare time, they have been practicing presentations ready for evangelism at the Rescue Units. It is a beautiful place that the Lord is using so abundantly! We are excited to be a part of His work here. We have enjoyed the clear skies, sunny, cool weather in the mornings and evenings, warm with a cool breeze during the day

During the first day in Malawi, staff and BMW students took the team on a half-hour walk to a local open market. The girls purchased traditional wrap skirts while the boys looked at wallets, belts, radios and watches lying on mats. They finished the trip off with soft drinks and local snacks. It was a great opportunity for the kids to come in contact with many of the local people.
“We’ve had a great time at Malawi, and these people are very friendly. It is a good thing to be here because the weather is perfect. I am very blessed to be here. There is a lot of good things about this country.” – Maylee 

“It is really cool here! The people here are really nice. I miss you mom and dad and family. The trees are yellow.” – Nathan


  1. How exciting, and what a wonderful report!! We are thrilled to see a picture of Maylee and hear how happy she sounds! Anxious to read each new report as it comes in. Huge thanks to the TMI leaders, the BMW students, and everyone else who is making this possible!

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