The Canada Team Has Been Busy

The Canada team is making some serious progress on the camp in Outlook!We arrived Monday evening and were met with an amazing spaghetti dinner prepared by Todd and Rosemary, our Teen Missions staff/missionaries in Canada.  We were all so anxious to see the camp and the project before us that we drove down to the camp at sunset and walked around. It was overwhelming and exciting to see all the work that needs to be poured into this camp to get it up and going again. After taking an initial assessment of the state of the camp, we did a prayer walk over the camp and sought the Lord’s guidance and protection for the team this summer.  

Since Monday, there has been a huge transformation of the camp. Grass that was once knee high has been cut, trees and branches have been trimmed, vandalized buildings have been cleaned up and trash is being collected from throughout the camp. The team is excited to witness the transformations that are taking place. We expect to continue the work on cleaning up then property throughout the next few days.

Today, we celebrated the 4th of July by roasting hotdogs at the camp for dinner.  We had a little picnic with cold watermelon, potato chips and fresh salad. Our KP, David and Claire, made an amazing chocolate cake that we topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries in the shape of an American flag. Then we took a short hike down to the river that boarders the camp. It was very relaxing. We finished then evening with a marshmallow roast and evening devos.

se continue to pray for our team as they work on the camp.  We have an opportunity to attend a cultural celebration in town. We pray that we will be positive representatives for Teen Missions at this event and in the community.


  1. Good Morning Canada,
    We are praying for you this morning and when we saw your post it was truly like “cold water to a thirsty soul” to hear your “good news from a far country”(Prov. 25). We are praying and have full confidence that you will be positive representatives as you share the love of Jesus! We love you!
    Joyce and Bear
    Kitchen/Worship team

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