Where’s Madagascar?

In the last episode of the Madagascar Travel Saga, we were about to board a plane to Paris. Praise the Lord, the flight went fine – HOWEVER, there were more twists and turns to come on this roller coaster ride! The team was excited to stay in Paris 24 hours, but maybe they wouldn’t have been if they knew most of their time would be spent hunkered down at the airport while leaders stood for hours (again) at customer service desks. It turns out that our next flight was not fully confirmed and we were only on stand-by. We went to the hotel late in the day wondering if we’d really make the flight the next day. We never met up with our other leader and two team members, as they were able to continue on to Madagascar. 

On the positive side, the hotel was very nice and we were served a very impressive three-course dinner when we arrived!  The beds were pillow soft and breakfast was just as amazing.

We left for the airport at 7, and began another day of waiting. We were NOT able to get on the intended flight. Several airline personnel worked tirelessly for hours to dig up a way to get us to Madagascar. They finally worked out a way, but we had to split up. Two leaders and six team members are now on a flight directly to Madagascar via Air France, and one leader and six team members have boarding passes for Turkish Airlines this afternoon. We will fly to Istanbul and then Madagascar. I think it will be an awesome reunion!  We’ll have to see if we also get reunited with our luggage. It came to Paris a day before us and we managed to avoid picking it up!!!  We didn’t want to have to drag it around. It “should” be routed on with us. 

After nine hours at the airport yesterday sorting out plans for today, we returned to the hotel for yet another five star, three-course lunch. After settling into our rooms, we explored the area near the hotel. The historic area we wandered had a church built in the 1500’s and ruins from the 1600’s. We had group devotions in a beautiful park and returned for dinner. After another great breakfast buffet this morning, it was back to the airport. 

So we now have three in Madagascar, eight in the air, and seven of us about to use our lunch vouchers and fly out in about five hours. 

Everyone has learned a lot about patience and trusting God. We can only wonder how many lives we have touched along the way. People are surprised at how we can stay so patient and joyful despite the many unexpected delays. We just tell them God is in charge so we have no need to worry or be upset. The team has remained strong through it all. It will be interesting to see how God will use all this training this summer!

Thanks again for all the prayers!!!
The Madagascar Team


  1. Not having trouble doesnt bring peace! Gods presence brings peace! Madagascar team has proven that!! Way to go team!! Job 23:10 after He has tried us we shall come forth as gold.

  2. I think Linda should lead an “Around the World” team next year! What adventures and can’t wait to hear of the Divine appointments!!! Thank you ALL at TMI, I have always felt that our kids were in the best hands with Jesus as the true leader of His Team!!!

  3. Wow! What an adventure this has been! This team will always remember the long journey to Madagascar! I’m so thankful for this update, the details about food, travel, and exploration! The Lord cares about every detail and it’s been mostly exciting to sit back and see what the next twist would be! Can’t wait to hear the kids’ take on it! Thanks TMI Leaders and home base for all you have done to keep our kids safe and keep us informed! We are so thankful for y’all!!

  4. There’s probably no such thing as an uneventful mission trip. It’s too bad challenges happened so quickly. Thank God for leaders that know how to get things done, and for 5 star 3 course lunches.

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