Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet, Dad?

The Madagascar team is once again reunited!  The last group arrived in country late Saturday afternoon and was greeted with hugs and maybe even a few tears. Everyone is so happy to be together again. Being separated seems to have drawn us closer together. Everyone is healthy and enjoying some Malagasy cuisine here where we are staying in the capital. We don’t have all of our luggage yet, but with so many flight changes we figure that’s to be expected. We are praying it will come today, as we are planning to embark on the last leg of our journey to the base in Mahajanga tomorrow. Yep, that’s right, we’re not really “there” yet!  

Today is Sunday, but we didn’t try to go to a church because we needed some extra sleep and some of us are still in the same pants we were wearing when we left Boot Camp!  We all took extra socks and underwear, and everyone has one or two extra shirts, but not everyone could fit extra pants in their backpack. We’ve been rotating socks and underwear, and washing in them in hotel sinks, but there was never enough time to sit in a room and wait for jeans to air dry!  Some of the missing duffels are personal ones, so we can’t get pants from there either. A big shout out to the Moms who provided so many extra socks after Commissioning!

Since we weren’t going to a church, we had our own church service. Austin ran the service, opening and closing in prayer and introducing what came next, Miranda was the worship leader and leader Ben gave an inspiring message on making your faith your own. 

After lunch we exchanged some money, did memory verse review, and quizzing. It’s been a relaxing day to recharge after so much travel! The long hours every day so far have been at airports waiting to find new flights, it feels good to just sit still in one place for a whole day. We’re looking forward to getting settled in when we get to Mahajanga. 


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