Bula From Fiji!

Bulah! (hello)!

We have officially done week 1 in Fiji, and it definitely has had its ups and downs. Day two into digging the pipelines up around the base, and accidently hit pipe in three areas shutting off the water for the rest of the day. After Mr. Spurlin had to go back into town to get new piping, it was a late night of work where several of the team members stayed back to work through dark, and even chose to be last to get dinner. Finally it was fixed and everyone was grateful especially the kitchen to get water back. Every opportunity of complications or unforeseen circumstance continues to provide the kids perspective and gratitude. Water pressure isn’t great here, so taking cold showers with just even a trickle of water is actually a blessing.

The weather has been beautiful—a bit on the warmer side during the late mornings through evening, but it’s very dark till 6:30 am and starts to get dark at 6pm, so we have less than 12 hours of light. The mornings are just breathtaking as the sun rises over the rocky points of the mountains. We are surrounded by so much tropical vegetation, and even fruit trees on the property. The guys have started picking coconuts and will spend their whole free time cracking one open to get about a cup of coconut juice. 

We did do a half day of work Saturday and used the rest of the time to catch up on cleaning up, laundry and got to go down to the creek over the hill through the sugar cane fields. It was an adventure and much needed for the team. As we’ve been asking for prayer for unity, really saw such a change in a lot of the team through something simple as swimming together. Everyone was so full of joy as we brought Addie’s toy rafting tube with us and they all fought over who got to go down the little rapids. There was lots of laughter! 

Sunday we got to go to a local church in Nadi. It was very diverse in that they have a lot of missionaries and visitors so it really was a beautiful representation of the body of Christ. We were extremely welcomed and the kids loved the passion and power the Fijians expressed in their service. We were able to share a few songs and do a skit for them as well, which they were so excited and appreciative of. They then made a huge potluck lunch for us all with curries, and fried fish, pineapple pizza, rice, lots of fruit and of course coca cola! It was delicious.

We have also been doing devotionals at night where we start in worship, then one of the team member shares their testimony or what God is showing them. It has been really powerful and neat to hear altogether each kids life and to hear more in depth their relationship with God. 

Overall, we are seeing God move in the kids. Please still pray that the Holy Spirit continues to tenderize their hearts, but we are definitely seeing breakthrough and a lot of them the Lord is speaking to and moving in. We are watching them grow and teaching them to walk in truth and be overcomers! 

Here’s a few words from the team members:

“My time in Fiji thus far has been interesting to say the least. God has been testing my faith it feels. It’s been a bit stressful and my leaders are carrying a lot. Please pray for them. Oh and loves ya loves ya fam!” – JohnMichael P

“Hi Mom and Dad! Fiji is so beautiful and God is definitely working here. The Christians here are so welcoming and the food is delicious. I love you and miss you so much!” – Lois H.

“ Fiji has been pretty lit. Really nice weather and beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The Fijian people and churches are really cool and fun. Shout out to Mom and Dad Fast because me leaders told me to.” – Micah F. 


  1. Continuing to cover you all in prayer! Thankful for the better weather conditions and that you get to experience such majestic surroundings! Praises as we hear about the team bonding and getting to spend some “fun” time together!

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