Hi From Ecuador

Hi from the Ecuador team! We all are doing well and hope you are too! 
The team has been settling in nicely and feels pretty adjusted already. This past week the team has been working at the La Paz Iglesia Menonita. This church experienced an earthquake several years ago and it did damage to the walls and the paint. The main thing they needed us to do was to scrape off all the old paint and to repaint. This took quite a bit of work, but the kids were able to accomplish it. They also helped out a children’s group home called, Shekinah. The team enjoyed playing games with these kids and also singing songs with them. In order to get to the worksite, the team members, along with Mr. Tanner and Mr. Justin, had to walk to a bus stop and then take a 20-minute bus ride to the church. Because of this, the team had to take their lunch packed with them. So, while the team was at the site, Ms. Anna and Ms. Emily kept two kitchen helpers at the house. This has been a fun time! It’s pretty unusual to go from 28 of us all together to just four! The team has also enjoyed entertaining our little neighbor boy named Fredo. He’s in elementary school, so when he gets home in the evening he loves hanging out with our kids and playing soccer or swinging on the swing. We’ve enjoyed getting to know all of our neighbors and hosting missionaries better. We are thankful for all their kindness and guidance! Ernesto and his wife Maria are our hosting missionaries and they’ve done everything to help us be comfortable and settled! Yesterday (Saturday), was the kids’ first full day off since arrival. We slept in a little later than normal and took it a bit slower. They had a chance to do all of their laundry, which was piling up since they’ve been so busy with work! They also did their music, drama, and puppet practice! The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to catching up on verses and preparing for verse review. Many of our kids had gotten behind, so they worked yesterday and today to catch up. Evening devotions this week have been led by the leaders: Tanner, Anna, Emily, and Justin. The kids have enjoyed hearing from the leaders and learning more about them and their testimonies. Starting tonight the kids will start sharing at evening devotions. We look forward to what God will have them to share! Today (Sunday) we went and had worship at the La Paz church. It was nice to go and visit and see all the kids’ accomplished work. The church members were very welcoming and excited to have us visit. We sang several Spanish worship songs. The pastor shared out of Ephesians about marriage. Melissa Castano, one of our team members whose family is from Colombia, translated the sermon into English for our team. We were proud of her good job translating! This afternoon after church the kids have been working on writing letters home and doing their verse reviews. Starting tomorrow the team will drive on a private bus to a different worksite which is further away. They will help to make a shelter for a church congregation. Currently they are meeting in a backyard, but it has no shade or seats. So, this will be the team’s next project. 
“Ecuador is a big change for me. My team has its ups and downs, but we are getting better. I enjoy praying and talking to God about my time here.” Joel Mielke
“Hey folks everything is great. Cold showers, bus rides, and great food. No snake bites and I didn’t get eaten by a gator so all is good here.” Jack Moore 
“The first week we did tons of painting and paint scraping. Not much else happened and so far nothing has tried to eat me yet. So everything is good.” Joseph Yepez 
“Manta, Ecuador is such an ethnically diverse place to be put in the center of. My team’s work sites are very nice, we have finished painting the church and are going out to the country to build on Monday. That’s all for now.” Trinity Afonso 


  1. You are all such inspirations! Complete strangers bonding together for His greater good. Wow!! This is not a simple task. Thanking God for His covering over you and the daily renewal and refreshing that only the Holy Spirit can accomplish in you. God is good! Love you Trinity and Nevaeh! xoxoxo

  2. Hi, so glad that you have had a good week. The weather looks beautiful, and it looks like the kids have worked hard!!! Praying for your team every day as you are the hands and feet of God. Thanking God for His Faithfulness (and no one has been eaten) Love You Anna and Tanner!!!

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