Report From The Florida PT Team

We are very proud and happy to report how awesome your kids are doing!! We have moved into dorms which is a major blessing to the kids and they are grateful for running water. So far the team has been working hard together as they clean up campsites for future Boot Camps. We also had the opportunity to present a few of the songs we practiced at a nearby Christian summer camp. The kids really enjoy reading time and are excited to finish their books and start on new ones. As leaders, one of the biggest joys is seeing the improvement in your kids and the way God is working in them. Sydney, for example, has gotten over his homesickness and loves to participate in music practice as well as other activities. We have especially noticed his hard work during the work projects.  Andrea and Brianna are working at improving their friendships with everyone including each other. Julianna also is seeking out how to have a more godly attitude towards her teammates even in the moments when it is tough. Parents, thank you so much for giving us the joy and privilege to work with your kids! We love pouring Jesus into them and caring for them as if they were our own. We are excited to continue being a part of the Lord’s work and seeing what He has planned for these precious preteens!

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