Thailand Is Settling In

A cheer went up as we received the news that our bags would be arriving today (7/6)! We were sitting together discussing what we learned in personal devotions when we found out all the bags were coming in on two flights today and would be ready by 4PM. We had just talked about the fact that we are blessed where we are with rooms (mats on the floor for sleeping), cold showers and indoor bathrooms and we are all safe. The team members who received their bags have been very unselfish by sharing clothes with others. Besides our personal items, there were food, tools, kitchen equipment, and gifts for the missionary and orphanages here. Thank you to all who have been praying for a quick and safe delivery of the remaining 24 bags. It was like Christmas around here!

We have had a busy few days getting supplies and food staples in town. The team has started scraping down the block fence and outside of the building so that it can be painted. It is really going to look nice when it is done. We have a number of other projects we will be doing, both here at the orphanage building and with a local church where we will be pouring concrete. We have quite a few presentations set up with local churches. One is a three-day EV time next weekend where we will be helping get read for a “block party” put on by a church, handing out flyers to invite people and doing presentations in schools.

At the orphanage where we are working, there are no children at this time, but the ministry here owns two orphanages. We are going to visit the other orphanage tomorrow (10-15 children), and we will hang out with them after church. That is where the team went in 2009 (Anthony and Shawna also led that team).

It is about 85-89 degrees here, but there is not the humidity like in Florida. Our nightly devotions have been a good opportunity to get to know one another. Every one will be leading at some point this summer.

Letters were sent home yesterday, so it will be interesting to see how long the mail takes. We have received mail here a few times. The Post Office is about 45 minutes away, so we will not be getting mail daily.

Thank you for your continued prayers!


  1. I did not know about the luggage but I know what it is like to pray luggage and equipment in on mission trips.

    Talk about miracles, when you see you luggage or video cameras returned you are surrounded by His provision.


    Kay Trenschel

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