Update From Zambia Preteen

I cannot believe that it has been a week since we left Boot Camp. The team is doing well and is healthy. The teen team left yesterday and it is very quiet here. Our team started serving KP yesterday (The teens were doing it while they were here.). Ellie had KP on Saturday and Jaykob had it on Sunday.

In the evenings, we have team devotions led by a team member. Thursday night was Jaykob, Friday was Tamzin and Mayah was on Saturday night.

The work on the sidewalk is going well. All of the old sidewalk has been removed and the team is starting to make the ground level so they can lay brick.

Today, we went to Hope Baptist Church. This is a church plant sponsored by a Zambia Bible school graduate. The team shared their presentation and Bekah gave her testimony.

I asked the following question: What has God shown you this week? Here are four of their answers:

Sadie – God has given me new friends in my teammates.

Cissy – Wherever you are, if you have a problem, trust in God to take care of it.

Abbie – The verse, Romans 6:23, shows me how much God loves me.

Elijah – God has shown me strength and patience when facing obstacles on the work project.


  1. It’s amazing to see the such joy as the kids play. As a team you bring muscles ready to work, and hearts full of God’s love to pour out on the children. What a wonderful gift.
    Praying for the team and loving my Bekah!

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