A Short Update From Zambia

Steve said he is having trouble with the network up there at this point. So he said to go ahead and give you this report and he will try to add on more when he is able to get through.

They arrived at their site yesterday (Sunday) at about 3:30  in the afternoon.  They got all settled in and this morning set up for their drilling. They have already started drilling, and some team members are already doing things with the children from the area. There were about 100 children who showed up when they drove in. There are about 50 there now watching everything and interacting with many of the team members. Toward the end of the week, they will be showing a film each night for three nights.  

They reported that all are doing well and there is no sickness on the team. They are hoping to be able to send some pictures out if they get proper network. Thank you for your prayers. 

For them to have had no trouble traveling that far, is really like a miracle. We give God all the glory. Please keep praying for them for safety, health, and success. God bless you.

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