“Karibu” (Welcome) to a glimpse of what our past few days in Kenya have been like!

We start our mornings wrapped in woolen blankets, usually holding a hot drink, and spending 30 minutes with God. Then we fill our bellies with breakfast and it’s off to the work site. The team is weeding a corn field with hoes and their hands! Some national children have been cheerfully assisting them, which our team does not mind at all! After weeding, we are spraying fertilizer using hand held squirt bottles. Our future plans on the work site are to install a fence around the garden plot we have prepared, as well as connect an irrigation system for the garden. Four hours of work go by quickly in the morning, then it is lunch, a Bible study in the book of James, and four more hours of work. Our evenings are a nice change of pace. The team bathes, does laundry, eats supper, and fellowships together through evening devotions and other activities until lights out at 9:00 pm. By then, we are back in our woolen blankets ready to hit the sleeping bags.

A major highlight was this past Sunday. We visited Bishop Wilson’s church in Eldoret, the same campus as his Children’s Home. The church was celebrating 12 years of existence, so after the service we were privileged to feast on fried (whole) potatoes, beans, rice, chicken, beef, bread, cabbage, and CAKE! Our team performed songs, puppets, and a drama for the church. The drama we performed was “Battleground,” a play displaying how the world tries to steal God’s free gift from us. Many times throughout the performance, the church bursted into clapping. After the service and the food, our team spent the remainder of the afternoon intermingling with the children who live on that campus.

We are blessed to say that we have no injuries or major sickness! A case of the sniffles has made its way around, but other than that, we have remained healthy! Praise the Lord!  

From the team:

Emily D.- I am having a lot of fun! I made a friend with one of the locals, and she is teaching me Swahili. “Asante” means thank you. “Poa” means I’m good. I also had a lot of fun at church on Sunday playing with the kids!

Kaycee N.- I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Kenya! My favorite thing so far has been playing with all of the little kids. We’ve been singing lots of songs and dancing with them. I love their smiles. That light up my day!

Faith L.- I like Kenya. It has been fun to work in the fields and play with the kids. Church on Sunday was really fun. The worship time was amazing. 


  1. I want to be there! I have so many memories of our time in Kenya. Hug ALL the children for me! My prayers are with you as I work in my yard in the sweltering heat.

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