Malawi Team Update

The team has become very familiar with life at the Teen Missions base here in Malawi. We are surrounded by mountains, rugged landscapes, small villages and on the shores of the gorgeous Lake Malawi. Friendly staff and Bible School students have welcomed us with arms wide open and taught us much of Malawian culture. 

This past Friday our host missionary, Seth Phippen, took the team on a tour through the Teen Missions property. We were amazed to see the projects taking place within the base itself. The tour began at Lake Malawi, continued through plantations and livestock sustained by the staff and concluded at the Rescue Unit located within the base. We saw casava, papaya, the maize mill, chickens, goats and pigs. The greatest highlight was the last stop, the Rescue Unit here in Chipoka, which lasted an hour. Team members captured a glimpse into what our everyday will look like soon, playing with the children. Smiles were seen all over the place.

Another exciting experience happened on Saturday evening where we celebrated the Fourth of July and the Malawian Independence day combined. Staff and BMW students prepared a meal and presentation to share with us. Throughout the night we were immersed into the culture through music, dance, drama and food. 

On Sunday the team visited a local church. The pastor and members welcomed us warmly and the team was able to sing and present a drama they had learned at Boot Camp. In the afternoon, we were once again able to fellowship with staff, students and local villages during a soccer tournament. Team members enjoyed practicing their Chichewa words with the locals.

As you can already see, the team has been up to so much in just a few days! Each member is healthy and the team continues to be unified, growing in the Lord. We are blessed to have had these opportunities to connect with Malawi, it’s culture and its people. Tomorrow (the 9th) we depart for our first clinic location. We are anxious to see how God will use this connection when are on the move! 

“Wow. God has truly blessed me with an amazing team. I’m so excited to keep exploring Malawi’s beautiful culture. I miss you Grandma and dad!” – Mikayla
“God is so cool and exciting. He has blessed this team so much more over this past week. I am so excited to see what God has planned for this summer.” – Tess


  1. This makes my heart glad that my grandson, Caleb, is experiencing much of what life is like for me in Chongwe, Zambia! Now we will have this great connection! Greetings and hugs to Caleb from Grandma!

  2. We are so excited to hear any kind of news from your team!
    We pray for you every day. Hopefully our letters will arrive in Malawi soon.
    Love you more!
    Grandma Mateer

  3. Thinking about you and praying for you every day!! Keep the pictures and updates coming! We are grateful for each and every one!! Soooo happy to hear how well it’s going!

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