The Demo Team, i.e. Canada

The Canada Team has been making progress up in Outlook. We have been clearing trees, cleaning up trees that are hanging over power lines that we hope to turn on soon. Team members have been tearing off rotten decks in front of cabins and we recently began tearing out a rotten section of the rally room floor. Finally, a few team members tore down the old stairs in front of the bathroom block and are laying forms for a concrete pad which will be built for the new set of stairs. The team is eager to work and see progress made. They are frequently asking questions about leadership and what it will take to finish the project.  

We had a lovely surprise on Friday night when David’s parents showed up in Outlook with pizza and the team enjoyed getting to know them. They were in the area visiting family and were excited to surprise their son. The team loved the pizza and fellowship. Saturday we slept in a little bit and then worked for half of a day on the job site. It was a beautiful day, highs in the mid 70’s, and our female leaders and KP brought lunch to us down on the job site. Finally, at the end of the day, we decided to go check out the new pool in town. It opened on July 1st and has two fun slides, a small whirlpool area and a diving board. The team enjoyed goofing off and interacting with people in the community.  Everybody had so much fun that we’re hoping to return again weekly.

Sunday, we attended church with our TMI Staff/Missionary family. We enjoyed to worship with other believers in the community. In the afternoon we worked on saying our verse review before heading off to a Multicultural Festival hosted by the local Lutheran Church. It was fun to interact with different cultures who live in then community. The team quickly began playing lawn games with the local youth and there was a rousing game of basketball and volleyball in the gym. We ended the evening with a BBQ and potluck. Everyone enjoyed the fresh hamburgers. We were so proud of the team as they spread out and socialized with everyone at the event.

This next week we anticipate continuing to demo things around the camp that are rotten. We are hoping to begin rebuilding the floor in the rally room and the decking on some of the cabins. Additionally, we are hosting a community youth event at the camp next Saturday night. Please pray as we prepare to host the kids in the community.

Some thoughts from the team after their first week in Outlook:
For me, Canada is amazing. The weather is perfect. The project is going smooth and out team is coming together. – Sabrina
For me, Canada is sometimes really cold. The project is going great. We are really moving great. – Will
Canada has been awesome. The project is starting to really come along. Miss everyone back home. 🙂  – Gabe
I am doing good. The camp is beautiful and is making progress every day. Thank you supporters and love ya family, Blake. – Elena
Canada is great, project is kicking, team is real good. Hi family, Hi Karissa. – Tim
Canada is 10/10 compared to Florida! This team is awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! – David
Canada is awesome the weather is fantastic and the views are beautiful! I miss you Ayers Family and I love you lots! – Grace
It is super beautiful at Camp Outlook. We have a lot of work that needs to be done but we are working hard. – Claire
Camp Outlook has been such a great learning time from ripping up flooring to evening devos to clearing brush. Miss you Parker family! – McKenzie
I’m loving Canada! We are growing so close as a team as well as spiritually! – Caleb
The weather is amazing here. Really have grown spiritually in the Lord. – Peter
Canada is amazing! Working at the camp is hard work but it is fun when you think about what it is for, God. – Kym

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