The Florida Team Adventures

We are very excited to give a report on how great your kids are doing!! The kids are still enjoying reading time and there are times they want to read doing their free time. On Friday we finished what we could do on the tent site by picking up branches. So Tuesday, we will be starting a new site which will be cleaning upstairs of the Teen Missions building where the chapel is—removing equipment and shelves and cleaning a room to get ready to paint it and then we will begin to paint. The team has been enjoying going swimming almost every day; its nice to cool off after working in the hot sun. They have also been enjoying getting to help out in the kitchen by washing dishes and helping cook and because our team is so small they will be able to have KP every other fourth day. 🙂

On Sunday, we went to Calvary Chapel and the kids were able to go to children’s church and then after we got caught up on their verses and reviewed them all. We also practiced quizzing because at Debrief we will be seeing which team is better; we still need to work on ours.

Today the team was able to go help out at a local church (First Baptist of Merritt Island) where they give out food and clothing to those in need. We got there at 6:30am and left about 11am (We were only planning a couple of hours). The kids enjoyed helping the people to their cars and pushing wheelbarrows (no complaining). They are looking forward to next Monday. 

Thank you parents so much for giving us the joy and privilege to work with your kids! We love pouring Jesus into them and caring for them as if they were our own. We are excited to continue being a part of the Lord’s work and seeing what He has planned for these precious preteens! 

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