A Word From Two Zambia Team Members

We are all having fun at a TMI Orphan Rescue Unit at the Lake Mweru! Yesterday was our first day at work. We broke ground for the first well and we did a ton of evangelism with the village kids. The day started with only about 20 kids but as it went on we were swarmed by crowds of almost 200. The amount of people was quite a task for our team of 20 but nevertheless we sang, played, and showed God’s love through everything we did. I ask that you pray for our team as a whole, that God would give us the words to say and the time to say them. I also ask that you pray that God would keep us all healthy and safe as we go through the rest of this wonderful journey. Hebrews 12:1-2.  We miss you all! Love Dalen

Yesterday we got the drilling rig set up and got to entertain a few hundred kids for a couple hours! Today we dug 10 feet into the ground and we hope to have the whole well drilled by the end of the week. This is the first of three wells so I’m looking forward to some futures! -Brian


  1. Will continue to pray for the Father’s protection and provision as you all minister in the name of Jesus. May the Holy Spirit speak through each of you and empower you to be witnesses and ambassadors for Christ. Love you!

  2. Keep up the great work. We are so proud of you and pray daily for you and the team. Excited what God is doing with the team. Keep up the great work. Love you all and praying for a successful mission, safety and health. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Thanks for all the great progress reports and pictures

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