Evangelism At A Public School

The team has continued construction on the driveway here at the base, though the work is hard, it is progressing. On the 4th of July, we were able to celebrate with a water balloon fight and hamburgers and watermelon! The water balloons were perfect for the warm afternoons here. We’ve had a few rain storms, but overall the weather has been pleasant and sunny. Our team had their first opportunity to share the Gospel at a public school in Santa Cruz on Friday (7/5). The team performed 12 presentations in one day! The team went from class to class throughout they day, performing for about 20 minutes each time. The school kids, ranging between 1st-7th grade, enjoyed hearing the kids singing some songs in English and Spanish, but the highlight of each presentation were the puppets. Christopher demonstrated some natural grace under pressure with handling the packing/unpacking of the puppets before and after the presentations. Alyssa and Kaitlyn did a fantastic job at choreography (dancing) during the puppet song “A Child of the King”. Nala explained the Wordless Book to the classes, while Nicole translated. The entire team did an excellent job with the presentation as a whole. Mr Mike (myself) gave an invitation to accept Christ to each class, which was translated by a Bible student from the TMI base, and at the end of the day, these young missionaries saw 250+ students pray to receive God’s gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ! Below are some testimonies from the team members themselves:

When we went to the school it was so cool. Whole classes came to Christ. When we sang one of the action songs lots of little kid classes did it with us. Some of the teachers asked for the Wordless Book to teach their grandchildren or children. We had an awesome time. – Leah
It was fun, the sandwiches were great! The kids loved us! It was awesome! – Joshua
Yesterday was amazing! The minimum of people who accepted Christ was 250, including students and teachers. We went to a school in Santa Cruz to perform 12 presentations. I did puppets and introduced the Wordless Book, as well as once dancing. It was awesome to see the teachers and students be soooooooooooo interested in Christ. Around lunch time when we went to a different building to eat our jelly sandwiches, we ended up being swarmed by kids! They really liked the Gospel coins and bracelets. Some of the kids would just come up to us and give us hugs! We got there by a truck, we rode in the back. To sum it up the experience was one of a kind that you cannot get anywhere else, even though at the end we were tired. -Nala
We went to a public school to tell people about Jesus. A lot of people -about 250- came to know Jesus. It was amazing how may people wanted to know Jesus, one of the best days of my life. – Rachel
I liked it and I thought that the students at John F Kennedy enjoyed it too! The songs that we practiced at Boot Camp really paid off in 12 classes. It was very tiring, but I enjoyed it because we were serving the Lord. I was very happy when the students all stood up to accept Christ into their hearts!! The team and I passed out little gifts for the students after every presentation and they seemed to like it, overall it was a very pleasant experience and I appreciated the school letting us in to do our presentations. -Kaitlyn
It was very changing, now I know how much this country is in need of Jesus. That experience is an encouragement for me to go on future teams and I can’t wait for the next evangelism day. -Christopher
So on July 5 we (the team) went to a school named after John F Kennedy. We did 12 presentations from 1st grade to 7th grade. It was very fun! It was fun seeing the kids have fun and be happy. We did songs and puppets. We had lunch at the school. It was amazing seeing the kids pray and accept Jesus. Evangelizing is so, so fun. -Abi
At the school we had a very good time evangelizing to the students. We were supposed to go to 13 classes, but we only went to 12 classes. I was very shocked about how many people turned to Christ. I think that in every room almost everyone turned to Christ. I also pray that many of these people will become missionaries (we also had teachers turn to Christ). -Jonathan
So when we first were getting ready for our first class, I was so nervous. I was scared that the class would think we are crazy and weird. Maybe because of the fact that I was saying stuff in Spanish for the kids. I was like, “Oh God, what am I doing!” It was crazy. When we were singing the songs in English and Spanish my friend and me were just looking at each other and saying stuff like, “What are we doing this is crazy,” or, “I feel so hot (sweating) doing this.” But after 12 classes more than 250 students accepted Jesus. When we were taking a break, we were crowded with kids they were even in the window asking for a coin (Gospel coin). I told them it was not money they said they didn’t care sooo …. yea we ate jelly sandwiches. When we were on our way to the school the truck ride was fun! Me and my team sang songs and I lead them. Even in the classes some kids were peeking in the window. It was nice. It was great. -Nikki  

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