Hello From Sunny Zambia

We are on our last full week here in Zambia. The team is doing well. Two leaders and two kids have small colds, but other than that, the team is healthy.

Monday and Tuesday were spent leveling the ground for the sidewalk. Tuesday afternoon, with the help of a Zambia staff member, the pavers for the sidewalk started going into place. The team was very excited to reach this point.

Every morning the kids either shower or do their laundry, depending on their count-off number. Abbie says she loves doing laundry, her favorite part of the day.

KP for Monday was Bekah and she made a wonderful birthday cake for Cissy. We celebrated her 11th birthday with birthday cake for two meals. KP on Tuesday was Sadie who was a tremendous help. Today is Tamzin and she is a burst of sunshine and energy in the kitchen.

Monday evening, Ellie had evening devotions and Tuesday was Elijah.

Question for the team, “What has God shown you while you have been serving in Zambia?”

Ellie D. – Teamwork! You can’t be selfish and do the job all your way and by yourself. You need your teammates to help with the work. Even if they are doing it wrong, you need to help them instead of criticizing them.

Tamzin – Even though the people here are not rich according to the world’s standards, they are very rich in their lives, heart and love for Jesus.

Bekah D. – Through Christ, I can control my temper. Even though my teammates and I think differently about how to do things, we can still work together, depending on Christ to lead us and get the job done.

Jaykob – You don’t need to worry about anything. Trust in God. Sharing the Gospel with others is fun and leads to a good conversation.

Mayah – Whenever negative things happen, keep a positive attitude. Never take your anger out on your teammates. Instead , take it out on the worksite. Better yet, give your anger to God.

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