Malawi Is Remote

Since our last report, our team has relocated to Kosumbu, Malawi, where the Boyle Rescue Unit is located. We are high in the mountains which means that views are beautiful, the nights are very cold, and the conditions are much more primitive than the base in Chipoka. The team has adjusted well and is excited about the opportunities God has given us bless this community. 

When we arrived at the Rescue Unit, we set up camp and had an opportunity to explore the local village. The people of Kosumbu have been very kind and welcoming, but we became aware very quickly that we would have crowds of hundreds of children around us almost all day every day. It has been challenging to find time to be alone as a team for classes, meals, etc., but we are taking advantage of the time we have to invest in the kids. 

The next morning, we traveled around the village by foot inviting the local people to the eyeglass and medical clinics that we will be holding for the next few days. We had an opportunity before returning to the Rescue Unit to do a short presentation for the hundreds  of children following us.

In the afternoon we held our first clinic. We were able to see 72 people for medical issues, eye glasses, and prayer in three hours (and another approx. 50 that we were not able to see today, but we hope will return tomorrow) and four people accepted Christ. 

Pray for the team and the people of Kosumbu as we continue the clinics through out this week. On Monday, we will be packing up and moving the next Rescue Unit.

Reagan – Malawi is such a beautiful country with people who are so open and friendly despite their circumstances.
Luke – Malawi is awesome! The views are amazing and the people are cool.


  1. Love seeing Caleb bandaging up a child’s wound during the clinic! Thank you for the reports and pictures. Praying for continued health and success with the rest of the clinics!!

  2. Praying for all of you! Excited to see the post and praising God for the work and the sharing of the gospel being done there! Galatians 6:9. “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up”. Thanking God for all of you! ~ Heidi (Care Center)

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