Adventures On An African Safari

What a busy, busy week we’ve had! The president of TMI, Richard Barber, and his wife, Gina, have been living with us the past few days. We decided to do our sight-seeing adventure early so that they could enjoy it with us. That meant that we squeezed in work days, traveling days, an African Safari, and a market day all into one week! Here’s the breakdown:

On Monday, the team finished weeding and fertilizing the entire cornfield in the morning. After lunch, they began digging the foundation for a pad for a water tank next to the garden. Tuesday, we got up well before the sun, and headed to Nakuru (about three hours away) on a rented bus. In Nakuru, we went to a game reserve and toured through a safari for about four hours! We got to see warthogs, impalas, waterbucks, cape buffalos, large pelicans and flamingos, monkeys, baboons, zebras, giraffes, and white rhinos. The beauty of Kenya and its wildlife were breathtaking. We spent that night in a hotel, and the next day bartering in a local market. It was fun comparing prices at the end of the day to see who got the best deal on what. Some of the souvenirs purchased were spears, shields, jewelry, dishes, and of course, elephant pants. Our girls had a fun “fashion show” when we got back to our farm Wednesday evening showing off their colorful pants! 

Our busy days were fun, but there is something nice about getting back to a routine on our luscious little farm. We have future plans to visit a few local schools, performing puppets and handing out tracts, as well as a few more construction plans in the making. 

We were surprised to come home to pieces of hail around our tents and no electricity. We are used to heavy storms from Boot Camp, but we were thankful we were gone for that one! The weather has been consistent all the other days though: cold mornings and evenings, and warm days with occasional rain. 

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