Cambodia Is In Kampong Chhnang

We made it safely to Kampong Chhanang! We are so excited to have made it here.

Tuesday, before leaving, we traveled to a rehabilitation center on the other side of Siem Reap. It is sad to see so many recovering addicts. Unfortunately, they have a new policy at the center and wouldn’t let us foreigners do our ministry there. Fortunately, every week the Bible school students go there and witness to them. Before we left we prayed for them that Christ would reveal Himself to them.   

Early Wednesday morning we all loaded up our luggage in the truck and a 12-passenger van. We didn’t have much leg room, but we had the chance a few times to get out and streach our legs before getting back in and traveling. When we made it to the southern base, the girls went into the dorms and the guys went into tents which are under a roof. Julie, Noah and Spencer set up the kitchen. Afterwards, the team practiced riding the bikes on property. Friday afternoon we will go to our first ride to a school.

Today (Thursday) Hannah took Noah and Emily down to the market. They enjoyed seeing all of the sights in an Asian street market. The team is excited to finally be able to ride bikes. When we are not riding bikes we will be working on plastering the dormitory. Continue to pray for us, that our ministry will be fruitful while we are here. We have 17 days on the field. Pray that we will be good stewards of our time here in Cambodia. Also pray that everyone will remain healthy .


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