Greetings From The Florida Team!

This Summer has been flying by. The past three days have been blast. On Tuesday we returned to Pastor Jarvis’s summer camp where the team did a full presentation. The songs were a crowd favorites. Alayna gave her testimony and she did great. Juliana, Kenneth, Ariana, Andrea and Brianna put their games faces on and nailed the timing on the drama “Colors”. All of the kids at camp loved having them there.

On Wednesday we had our first sightseeing day in which we visited Wycliffe Bible Translators. There were tons of interesting things learned, such as there is a language made of only whistling. After Wycliffe we went down the street to where they went CRU and learned about how they translated the Jesus Film in other languages. Jayden got to try it and do the voice of Peter. Several kids got a copy of the Jesus film. We then traveled to Calvary Chapel for dinner and service. After service we went out for ice cream before heading back to base for the night.

Today (Thursday) we worked on base throwing out old things and tearing down a shelving unit. Sydney has been enjoying our library reading time, he really enjoys reading. At night time we have begun to share testimonies. Its been a great time to learn more about team mates

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