Hola From Ecuador

Hola amigos y familia en los Estados Unidos! (Hello friends and family in the United States!) 

The Ecuador team is doing well! We all are working hard and therefore are pretty tired, but the team is having wonderful attitudes about it. Since our last report, the team has been at their new worksite. In the mornings around 8:30, a private bus comes to pick up Mr. Tanner and Mr. Justin and 22 team members. They take a 30-minute ride to the project site. This site is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere! They are working in the middle of cornfields. So, the past few days they’ve been working on cleaning out the cornfields and digging—lots and lots of digging— class they were thankful they received during Boot Camp! The purpose of all this clearing and digging is to build a pavilion for a church congregation to use. Currently they are meeting in a backyard, where there is no shade! And the sun here is intense to say the least. We’ve had to stay on the team to keep applying sunscreen as many got sunburned on the first day. We’ve also had to stay on them to keep drinking water! It’s really easy for them to get dehydrated here because the humidity is low.

The team works in the morning until lunch, and then after lunch until about 4. After that they head back to the house. After we all have dinner together, we do some classes. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays we have guys and girls classes. Where the boys go with the male leaders and talk about being men after God’s own heart and the girls go with the lady leaders and talking about being godly women! They seem to really enjoy this time. After thay we have evening devos! This week so far we’ve had Napoleon, Johnny, Joel, and Xavier share. They’ve done a great job. After evening devos the team bathes and then heads to bed. In the mornings the team has Bible study and library reading before breakfast. After breakfast we all have our personal devos before the team heads to work. It’s a full schedule for sure, but a good one.

We have been talking to Ernesto, our missionary, about planning times for the team to do evangelism. This week the team will take Thursday to stay at the houses and do work around here. They will be able to do some laundry, catch up on verses, and practice their songs and drama. We hope to do evangelism on the weekend! Some fun things the team has been able to encounter this week include; bananas, coffee, and Julio! So, the first day on this new worksite the team was gifted with some delicious home-grown bananas! They couldn’t stop raving about how amazing they were. Each morning we get a nice nose full of coffee. Right down the road there is a coffee factory. So, each morning when the workers begin, we get to smell fresh coffee. It’s wonderful. Finally, Julio. Julio is a man who is helping the team at their worksite. He’s got a good 30 years on them but can work circles around them all. He also has a hernia, but that doesn’t stop him. The kids love him and are thankful for his help! The kids have also been able to try some new fruits! Some they’ve enjoyed others not so much! Ha! Either this weekend or next we are hoping to visit the beach that is not too far from us. The kids have been able to hike up the mountain which is right behind us, many of them have enjoyed the views they see from there. 


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