The Fiji Team Has Accomplished Much

We have had a busy and productive week so far! The team members are almost done digging up the pipe lines around the entire base. It’s pretty impressive what 22 young people can get done in a few days. They have started cutting poles, and building wood box forms to set concrete for the posts for the fence they will be building around the property. While typing this in the outside dining area, a few kids are keeping themselves entertained singing Christmas songs in the heat while digging. They keep a good sense of humor and overall the team is very positive and full of laughter. 

We had the privilege for the whole team to go to a Christian elementary school yesterday and sing songs and perform puppets for a kindergarten and first grade class. The little kids loved it and cracked up laughing when the puppets popped up singing. It was such a joy to see their little faces and watch them light up! We also had the privilege to play with them on their new playground that an Australia church had just come for the weekend to build for them in a few days. The first time the kindergartners got to play on it was Monday and they invited us to play with them a few days later. The team members got to push them on the swings, help them down the slide and do pull ups. They also gave them wordless bracelets with the colored beads representing the gospel. It gave the team opportunities to share with the kids Jesus.

After the school we went to a popular local spot for fish n’ chips which everyone enjoyed. We also went to the bank for the kids to exchange money and to the grocery store for them to get any items they needed. 

Next week we have a few more schools lined up to go to, but will only take half the team, while the other half stays back to finish projects on the base. We have another church this Sunday we will be sharing at, so pray that we can be a blessing and bring joy!

It’s been a bit on the warmer side the past few days, making it pretty hot working conditions. They have one more full day of work, then Saturday we have their sightseeing excursion to do some ziplining at a waterfall just down the road from where we are staying. They are super excited to say the least. There is definitely an attitude of gratefulness among the team the longer we are here, as they are appreciating little things like if the kitchen freezes water overnight and serves it after a long day of work. Almost the whole team has worked in the kitchen now as helpers, and have a greater appreciation for food prep and all the work that goes into making meals for 27 people. 

As we only have a few more weeks left; it’s beginning to really feel more homey here and comfortable. Pray over our times of going into schools that we can be a light and a witness. Some schools we may go into won’t always be Christian. There are a lot of Muslim and Hindu schools here. Pray protection over our kids and good health. We are grateful for no accidents, or anyone getting really sick. Lastly pray the Holy Spirit continues to work in the kids hearts to bring healing and freedom. 

Here is a few words from the team members: 

“Hi family! Fiji is spelled with a “J” not a “G”. I’m doing great. My highlights so far have been the climate shock, new foods and working with excited little nationals, beautiful scenery and throwing frogs in the girls dorm rooms.” – Moses

“Dear mom and dad, It is going well. I am very tired. We work 8 + hours a day. Lots of digging.  Miss Wilson (our dog) very much! Much love, love mags” – Maggie F.

“Dear family! Hi everyone. I hope all is well and Helena is having fun. I’m doing so much better than our last phone conversation. I love the views here. Almost 15 too! Ok bye now. Love you all.” – Emma S. 


  1. Wow! Fiji Team! So impressed with your endurance and stamina to “take-on” such a worthy cause to improve schools and playgrounds for kids. “It’s about the children”! They are our next generation to “carry the torch for Christ”! It must be beautiful there with all the magnificent topography and views. We are praying for safety, health, and fulfillment as you journey home soon.
    Love, Nana and Pop Pop

  2. So great to hear of the progress. Thank you for listing specific prayer points. We will especially be praying for their safety as they cross religious lines with some of their contacts.

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