The Thailand Team Has Been Busy!

We have had some unique adventures the past few days. Two days this week we learned how to do Batik. It is a form of painting on cloth. It can be framed or used as a tablecloth or scarf depending on the size. Every one had an opportunity to learn how to do it. The lady who taught us is an expert and she was very patient with us as we did it! They make Batik as a fundraiser for the orphanage and center here.

We are thankful that we have not had a lot of rain so that we can keep painting . We are putting a nice white coat on the buildings and a green around the trim and fencing. It is going to look really nice when we are done.

Today we were able to go to the local school (20-minute walk away) and do a song and play with the kids. It was a lot of fun. They provided a lunch for us afterwards. Tomorrow we have three schools that we are going to. It will be a busy day as we are to visit two schools in the morning and one in the afternoon. They would like us to do a one-hour presentation at each place! They will also provide lunch for us. We are looking forward to Richard (TMI President) and Gina Barber coming for a few days over the weekend. Saturday we will be busy as we have a community outreach. We will be handing out flyers to invite people to the evening concert sponsored by a local church.

We are enjoying some of the local foods here. Thai food can be pretty hot too! There are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables here like watermelon, magostene, dragon fruit, bananas, oranges, apples, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes and all are pretty inexpensive.

Thanks again for your prayers. We can feel them!


  1. So good to see what you are doing. God is using your team for His glory. Praying daily for good health, strength, protection, & unity. May many see Jesus in you all.

  2. How fun to see batik material being made & get to try your hand at it. I love sewing with these beautiful fabrics. What a blessing you are with all of your various stills to help & teach them also.

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