The Zambia Team Is Making A Difference

Team Zambia has settled into African village life.  We make a five-minute trek to a clear spring where we fetch our water each morning. It still has to be filtered but we consider ourselves a blessed. It’s a good workout carrying those buckets every day. The weather is beautiful upper 70s low 80s during the day and gets down to about 60 by sunset.

We had a setback on the drilling rig when the bearings and seals failed. We received a spare part yesterday and are attempting a repair. In the meantime, work continues. The team is clearing the soccer field and is pushing forward with music, drama, puppets, phonics, and the other evangelism tools that we were trained on at Boot Camp. Last night we showed our first movie in the Bemba language based on the life of Mary Magdalene. Tonight we plan to show a film sharing the Gospel from a children’s perspective. We plan to show our final film at this location tomorrow night using the Jesus Film which is about two hours long, also in the Bemba language. 

We enjoyed a team devotions around the fire the other night and Miss Gay treated us to Smores. The team enjoyed roasting their marshmallows and teaching some Zambian TMI staff one of our traditions for the first time!

These last few days in Zambia have truly been eye-opening. There are so many children that are open and hungry for the Gospel of Christ. Every day our team encounters hundreds of young children who walk to our project site from all around the nearby town. As bright curious eyes watch us work on either the rig or clearing soccer fields, we take an opportunity to evangelize to the kids using drama, games, and music. Imagine a game of “Duck Duck Goose” with a circle of hundreds of kids or hundreds of heavy eyes glaring at you as you share Christ through singing and drama. You can look around and you realize you are truly making a change, planting seeds in their hearts so that the blood of Jesus may bring them to salvation. This has brought our team much hope and joy and anticipation for the rest of our trip. Though we aren’t on schedule for well drilling, we remain positive, knowing we are making a difference by sharing the Gospel. Love you mum! Love you dad! -Malachi

God has been doing great things at this village. I have gotten to hear staff testimonies and they are truly movinthings in their lives through Teen Missions. That being said, the adversary is active in this area and he is unrelenting. We have had a hold on drilling because of a broken part. The team is praying and believing for a quick solution. As a team, we are asking for prayers and are grateful for the support and prayer received so far. On a brighter note, the team has grown closer and closer every day. Last night we had a fire and learned of the Zambian  staff members talent for songwriting. The locals are high energy and love soccer, much to my delight. I have learned a few words in Bemba and the children laugh at my pronunciation! All in all light is spreading. -Gabe


  1. What an exciting report by the Zambia Team! To experience life as others live and to be able to bring the word of our Lord to those who have little or no knowledge of the Gospel, is beyond amazing. God bless you all! And all my love and prayers to Elijah and Mayah from grandma!

  2. What a blessing to have this insight as to what is happening on the field and how to pray for the team! So happy to hear about the outreach to the nationals! Will be praying for the drilling machine as well. So thrilled for the growth of our precious children as they see God’s hand at work through them!

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