The Honduras Preteen Team

The team has been working hard laying concrete for the driveway here at the base, but has had multiple opportunities to do evangelism in local public schools. The base is very close to San Isidro, which is where we went to church Sunday. The church we visited was actually celebrating graduating a lot of children from the “Greatest Journey”, the Bible study for children that accompanies Operation Christmas Child boxes, so it was exciting to see the completion of that, as many of our team members have participated in packing shoeboxes! This week the staff and BMW students made sure we had opportunities to visit the grade school, middle school, and high school (for the teen team here). This morning the team ate breakfast and were prepared bright and early to evangelize at a school for 2nd graders. They have gotten really good at working as a team to put on presentations. Nikki translates while Nala presents the Wordless Book. The children were animated and joined the Preteens to sing and do hand motions. They also sang a special song for us. What a great morning to share about Jesus with about 35 children accepting Christ! We’ve been having dry days with wet evenings/nights, so we do our laundry in the morning before work to let it dry before the evening showers. Though the afternoons are warm with humidity, it’s nothing like Boot Camp! The sleeping weather is pleasant, so everyone is pretty well rested and enjoying the days. We’re thankful for good health and looking forward to some sightseeing trips this week.

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