Ecuador Has Had An Exciting Few Days

Hello all! The Ecuador team is doing well!

This week has been a good week for us all, and we’re excited to share with you all about what we’ve been able to do these past few days. 

The team was on the worksite Wednesday and Friday of this week. Thursday the team spent the day here at the houses and did work around the property. Out in the fields the team finished up the necessary digging and began putting down something called hard earth. This will prepare the ground for the concrete they plan on putting down tomorrow. Others have continued clearing clumps of dirt, rock, branches, trees, and bushes. Each day the team returns back home they are very dirty and ready for a nice bath! We’re proud of how hard they are working and all they have accomplished. Thursday when they stayed here at the houses they worked on picking up trash, clearing brush and weeds. On Thursday they also had time to work on verses and do their laundry. 

Saturday the team had some time to sleep in after waking up rather early all week. They worked on their verses and more laundry. We encouraged them to wash their towels and bedding! Everyone did so and then we switched rooms. Everyone has new roommates and seems to be enjoying it. That afternoon the team had the opportunity to go to a nearby store and pick up some fun stuff. Saturday was nice, relaxing day we all enjoyed. 

Sunday we all walked to a local church. It was quite the hike though! It was a 20-minute walk up many tall hills; thankfully we all made it. The views on our walk made it all worth it. The church we visited was very welcoming. They had a few dramas and kids programs they did for us. They then allowed us to do a presentation for them. We sang songs, had Maddy M share a testimony, and then we did the Battleground drama. The church enjoyed it! On our way back to the house after church we made a little pit stop to take photos and enjoy the views. The rest of our afternoon was spent working on the kids verse reviews and quizzing. Then in the evening we got a nice surprise when the La Paz church’s youth group came over to hang out and play games with our team. It was a nice opportunity for our kids to make new friends and also practice their Spanish. The youth group stayed until it was time for dinner. We hope to have them come with us to the beach on Wednesday! 

This week Faith P, Faith B, Jack, and Maddy have shared in evening devotions. We’ve very much enjoyed hearing from them andlearning more about their lives. 

This coming week the team will take Wednesday off of work and we have a fun outing planned. We are visiting a nearby beach and hope to have the youth group there with us. We hope to use this time to also evangelize if possible. The rest of the week (except for Saturday and Sunday) the team will be out in the fields continuing work! 

The weather this week has been quite temperamental! One day is was very overcast and super windy, with little spots of rain. Another day was very clear and hot! Interesting to say the least. 

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